饮食/餐饮行业 规模: 1000人以上 入驻: 2018-05-16
COSTA深受英国人钟爱的咖啡品牌一切的不可思议都从何处启程?故事发生在1971年的伦敦南部,Bruno和Sergio Costa两兄弟有一个梦想,那就是把他们对令人无法抗拒的咖啡热情带到这个充满魅力的都市。他们两兄弟在伦敦市中心开了他们第一家咖啡店,COSTA的魔法之旅就此展开。如今,COSTA用相同的魔法把令人无法抗拒的咖啡带给了全球超过3,000家门店。无论你是在伦敦还是巴黎,上海还是新加坡,我们COSTA都欢迎你来深受英国人钟爱的咖啡店。在我们独具匠心的门店里,品尝着美味的小食及咖啡,与我们共度美好时光。欢迎加入COSTA,魅力不可抗拒的咖啡之家。COSTALondon’s favourite Coffee ShopWhere it all beganBack in 1971 in South London, two brothers, Bruno and Sergio Costa had a dream to bring their passion for irresistible coffee to the capital.The brothers opened the first ever coffee shop in the heart of London and the Costa magic begun. Today that same magic brings irresistible coffee to over 3,000 stores across the globe.Whether you are in London or Paris, Shanghai or Singapore Costa welcomes you to London’s favourite coffee shop. Spend time together over great food and drinks in our beautiful stores.Welcome to join COSTA, the home of irresistible coffee.